Choosing the Best Double Head Welding Machine For PVC Windows and Doors

Choosing the Best Double Head Welding Machine For PVC Windows and Doors

A Double head welding machine is a very important addition to your welding shop equipment. The purpose of a double head is to weld two pieces of metal together by using the same welder, which increases the speed of production. It is essential to purchase a machine that is capable of welding thick gauge PVC; the more copper the head has, the faster the welding process will go. This type of welding equipment is especially useful in any welding job from fabricating auto parts to making furniture.


Automatic double head welding machine for PVC doors and windows. Two head welder equipped with a stable and compact structure for maximum accuracy. Easy access to adjustments and controls. Welding machines for this application have an aluminum forging frame with twin slide-out post clamp; stainless steel spring guide on front and back, high-performance dual circulation cooling fan and heat distribution meter.


In order to weld heavy-duty PVC, it is important to purchase a powerful machine. Purchasing a machine from a leading manufacturer helps guarantee the quality and performance of your welding equipment. MIG and TIG welding torch, air sander, welding rods, wire feeders, plasma torches, welders, and accessories are also available from leading manufacturers. These machines are made of durable materials and are very user-friendly and easy to maintain. They are also easy to transport and install, making them ideal for any do-it-yourself (DIY) shops.

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