Most Amazing Flowers and Their History

The Most Amazing Flowers and Their History begins with the Roman Goddess, Flora. Flora was the goddess of flowers and she was often shown as a symbol of sexual fertility. Flora was worshiped in ancient times and some of the most beautiful and exquisite florals were made with the skill of the ancients. Flora was the goddess of beauty and those who honored her were often highly regarded. Flora was known as the “Fountain of youth” and this has interesting implications today as we look toward the future of the human soul and our sexual energies.

In the Christian tradition, Flora is considered to be one of the seventy precious stones associated with the Mother Church. This is about the Christian view of womanhood in general. In the Old Testament, the Egyptians had a variety of herbs and flowers that were used to give the Egyptians the ability to conceive children. This is also tied into the history of fertility and womanhood and how many of the Egyptian deities were associated with flowers and the gift of life.

Most amazing flowers and their history has ties to all three areas of the spiritual spectrum; physical, mental, and spiritual. In the physical realm, the body is protected by a layer of chemicals and this is accomplished through the nervous system, which is also involved with memory and learning. The mind is tied to a long list of experiences that make up the personality and this ties in with the mental realm where we learn much about ourselves through our dreams and the process of meditation. All three tie in with the gift of life that is given to every individual. We can never stop growing, but the Most Amazing Flowers and Their History should forever remind us to enjoy what we have been given.

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