Top Richest Families In America For the Coming Year

Now that we are a little over two years from the end of the year, it’s time to look at the Top Richest Families in America for the upcoming year. This list will most likely be very different from the rankings that you have seen in the past couple of decades. For one thing, many of the families on this list were not even around during the last half of the twentieth century. Now, they are some of the most valuable and influential families in the world. Here are a couple of things about the Top Richest Families in America for your information.


Number 1 is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their charity arm, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, gives away over one million dollars annually in grants. Each grant can provide micro Grants to people in need who are seeking a great deal on medications or medical attention. Another family that is very notable on this list of the Top Richest Families is the Gates family. Bill and Melinda Gates were listed as the number one super-wealthy families in America during the Forbes rich list. They have given away millions of dollars in grants in the past and will probably be releasing more money in the future.


Number two on the list of Top Richest Families is the Koch brothers. The Koch family sits at number three with the Gates family. The two families share control of Koch Industries. They are both very influential in the world of Koch Industries and very wealthy individuals. They are also very influential in politics, and their influence has brought many political leaders to seek their counsel and advice.

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