2022 New 20L Min Nitro – A Lightweight Retro Race Car

2022 New 20L Min Nitro – A Lightweight Retro Race Car


As we all know the 2021 New 20L min nitro remote control nitro car will be competing in the worlds small to medium scale nitro class of racing. The team has recently posted some pictures showing off their progress on the grounds at the national oval. This shows some progress and also a lot of enthusiasm and drive from the 20L Racing Team. It is great to see the young minds of the sport turning professional and making it into a professional sport in the future. If we look at the history then there have been many British premiership teams which have had the benefit of working with nitro and now some of these have moved onto the next level. There is always a big following for the sport at national and international levels.


We know that this car uses a small scale nitro engine that produces around 300 horse power, which will enable it to run at a speed of about 45mph when fully loaded with fuel. The car will be light weight due to its low profile design and it has been aerodynamically designed which means that it will produce a good amount of down force and should have little to no drag. Although this car looks very sleek and futuristic looking I can assure you that its not going to be a dull and boring vehicle as its main aim will be to win races.


One other detail that the team has added is a bespoke monochrome helmet which is a cool addition to any race car. The team have worked hard over the years to achieve the best results and have done a great job designing a truly stunning and futuristic looking machine. If you wish to have a go yourself and challenge other race car drivers to take out your faster car in an epic race then you might like to think about getting your own version of the 2021 New 20L min nitro!

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